Shipping to Spain and Western Europe

Free shipping in Iberia (Spain) and Balear Islands from 100€, Canary Islands 150€ and Western Europe 200€.

Shipping to other countries

We can ship DYOR products or similar to all over the world. We accept orders from every place with a reasonably low shipping fares, between 12€ and 15€ aprox. (depending on the country). We are working in providing reduced fares. We do not charge any extra cost to shipping costs. Delivery time depends on the country, but it will be generally between 7 and 21 days.


The parcel used for DYOR robot is particularly small and below 0.5Kg, which implies that shipping costs are low, but also because of its size can easily be exempt of additional custom fees. However, this is something that does not depend on us, and potentially might be an extra cost that should be considered. We declare the material as educational material, since we understand that is going to be used for the MOOC. In Spain, imported material for educational purposes has 0% TAX, this is likely to be the same in many countries, but it is out of our scope to guarantee that.