Facilino License

How does it work?

Facilino is a free tool, with lots of features that you can easily use with your own projects. Facilino license unblocks some advanced features to generate code for Arduino with Facilino.

There are two different types of licenses:

  • Facilino: It’s for individual use, attached to a single IP address, which will be reassignated automatically after 5 minutes from last access (in case the IP’s are different).
  • Facilino Education: It’s a license that can be used with educational purposes and allows to use simultaneously upto 25 users (computers with different IP’s).

License duration

One year since first use. We are working on offering a renewal discount…

How can I get it for free?

Our purpose is to provide materials at vrey low prices with free contents. For that purpose, we offer for free Facilino and Facilino Education for educational centers and people following the following conditions:

  • Facilino for orders between 30€ and 99,99€
  • Facilino Education for orders higher than 100€

You can get a free license of Facilino Education if you are a teacher from an educational center by helping us and many others. Also, if you are an individual person. i.e. participating in a DYOR MOOC course that needs Facilino for programming your own robot (not acquired through our online shop), then you can also get it for free by helping us and many others. The aim is to give it to you for free in exchange of your collaboration, by creating materials, related with DYOR, that can be freely used by anyone. Here you can find some examples:

  • MOOC subtitles: Translate existing subtitles from English to your native language. Contact Leopoldo Armesto [email protected]
  • Facilino translation: Translate Facilino block programming instructions to your own language. You must translate at least 100 keys that will be assigned to you. Each key contains words or short sentences. Access to Facilino Translation tool (if the language is not listed, then apply for it at [email protected]) . Please, DO NOT SEND TRANSLATIONS IN SPANISH, LATIN SPANISH, ENGLISH or CATALAN. On detection of misbehaviour translations, the license can be revoked.
  • Facilino MyBlocks: Create a block or a set of blocks related with a specific hardware/sensor/actuator using Facilino MyBlocks and send it to [email protected]. This requires some programming skill, but you will find it’s not that hard… All submissions must be documented and code generation must be tested and shown how it works in a short video.
  • DYOR robot design: Create an original design for DYOR robot that can be used by anyother following manufacturing conditions 150x160mm with 3mm height. Create a specific blog entry at DYOR website with images (of appropriate quality) and dxf or a TinkerCAD design. STL files are accepted but source files are needed too. After design is checked, you will be granted with a Facilino license.
  • Educational material: Create/translate a blog entry related with DYOR at DYOR website. If your contribution is simply a translation, then submit your translation to [email protected] and wait for approval (copy and paste the text of an existing entry into a Word document and send us the translated version). If you plan to submit new material, submit your proposal (before writing the actual blog entry) and ask for enrty write permissions at [email protected]. After your entry is publish you will be granted with a Facilino license.