New features

Facilino version 1.3.2

A new Facilino version has been released. In this version we have included:

  • Bug fixing.
  • New set of instructions for RGB LED Strips.
  • New set of instructions for 8×8 LED Matrix.
  • Improved instructions for predefined sounds and images (for LED matrix).
  • Significant improvement of music notes (now, you can generate more than 500 different notes).
  • New set of instructions for IoT proyects (with NodeMCU) to send e-mails, publish on Google Sheets and DeviceHub.
  • Instructions for array variables.
  • New App Inventor 2 extension (in combination with telegram instructions).
  • Improved instructions in servo control.
  • A “Depracated” category has been included with instructions from previous versions.

Facilino version 1.3.1

A new Facilino version has been released. In this version we have included:

  • Bug fixing.
  • New set of instructions for RGB LED strips.
  • New set of instructions for gas sensors.
  • New set of instructions for encoders and robot position computation.
  • New set of instructions for PID Controllers and frequency filters.
  • Removed external library dependencies of HIPPIE and SimpleExpressions libraries.
  • New set of instructions (and improved the existing ones) for DYOR bPED robot.
  • Improved some problems with the amount of servos (inherited from Visualino).
  • Improved examples.

Facilino version 1.3.0

A new Facilino version has been released. In this version we have included:

  • Translation into Galician, Euskera, French, Italian, Portuguese, Danish.
  • Improved instructions for detecting colors with TCS3200 sensor
  • New instructions to generate text streams with 8×8 LED Matrix (max7219)
  • Block instructions for controlling Stepper motors.
  • Documentation of ESPUI Instructions
  • Bug fixing.

Facilino version 1.2.1

Facilino version has come. In this new version we have included:

  • Instructions for 7 LEDs RGB en anillo. You can generate a variety of expressions.
  • Improve instruction set for generating sound with a Buzzer.
  • Compatibility with ESP32 and ESP8266 (processors with integrated WiFi).
  • Movement instructions for DYOR bPED and DYOR qPED (comming soon!)
  • Web-based UI for ESP32 and ESP8266 (processors with integrated WiFi) in a very easy way.
  • Facilino Translate, a translation tool for Facilino. Very easy to use!

Facilino Translate

In this new version of Facilino, we have develop a translation tool for Facilino, available online:

We would like to ask for your collaboration to translate Facilino in many other languages. If you want to collaborate, please send and e-mail to

All contributors will be acknowledge in Facilino credits for their unvaluable collaboration and obviously many other users will be please to use this tool in their own native language!

Facilino MyBlocks

We have just create an entry blog in DYOR website with all basic information to start working with Facilino MyBlocks.

It’s a tool to create your own Facilino blocks that will let you extend Facilino features.

Any contribution, can be shared with  “MyBlocks” workgroup that everyone can access from ‘My Account’.

All contributions might be examined to be incorporated into Facilino in future released and authors will be acknowledge.

Facilino web

We have created an online/offline Facilino code generation tool. It can be used in any platform, because i’ts a web-based application (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, etc.) to generate Arduino code. It requires a working Arduino IDE (or similar) to actually compile the code. There’s a copy & paste utility. It can be accessed online (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and offline (only works with Firefox).

Facilino 1.1.0

New sensors and features.
Documentation examples in Spanish, English and Catalan.

Multi-platform: Windows, Linux y MacOS.

It does not require to renew licenses on every version.